[Effects and functions of dried dates]_Benefits_Necessary

[Effects and functions of dried dates]_Benefits_Necessary

The content of protein and various nutrients in candied dates are very rich. Frequently eating candied fruits has the functions of nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and invigorating the stomach, and is very suitable for children and the elderly as well as mothers. However, when you buy candied dates, you usually find the city surfaceThe dried jujubes sold are divided into wet jujubes. Most people do not know how to choose when they buy them. The following describes the efficacy and role of dried jujubes.

Efficacy and role of dried candied dates1. Enhance physical fitness. People usually eat more dried candied fruits, which can absorb rich plant protein and a variety of vitamins and trace elements beneficial to the human body, and can absorb a large number of amino acids, which can alleviate physical weakness, but alsoIt can promote the regeneration of immune cells, and at the same time enhance the human’s physical fitness, improve the human’s disease resistance.

2. Enriching blood and soothe the blood and soothe the nerves is also one of the important effects of this esoteric religion. It can improve the human hematopoietic function and prevent and alleviate anemia. The vitamins and trace elements it contains can also affect the human nervous system, improve brain cell activity, and relieveNeurasthenia, and can calm down and calm down, regular consumption can also reduce the occurrence of various adverse symptoms such as insomnia, dreams and forgetfulness.

3. Protecting the liver candied fruit can not only promote the regeneration of red blood cells in the body, but also accelerate the synthesis of white blood cells in the human blood. It can purify the blood, remove cholesterol from the blood, and reduce the adverse effects of cholesterol on the liver.This kind of food can also reduce transaminase, improve liver detoxification function, and have certain preventive effects on human cirrhosis and unfortunate liver.

4. Nutritional fat reduces blood pressure. Dried candied fruits are rich in cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This substance can promote human vasodilation and improve myocardial function. The vitamins and amino acids it contains can nourish myocardium, improve myocardial contractility, and maintain the heart.Functional stability has great benefits.

In addition, the rutin contained in dried candied dates is also a natural hypotensive solute, which has a significant relief effect on human hypertension.